The school is open to all children aged 7-14 years.

Go-Kart school consists of a short theoretical part where we go through the basic knowledge such as flags and the track,
but the biggest part of the course is practical, driving on the track. Our instructors go through the braking points,
track, overtaking and driving techniques. The focus is that every student should be allowed to develop into a better and safer driver.

In order to utilize the course properly, we recommend that you have been driving karts at least once before,
here or on another track. Do you have a specific goal of the course, for example, to learn how to overtake as good as possible,
or to drive as fast as we possibly can, please notify this to the trainer before allowing him to adjust his thinking about
your particular driving.

The school is on Sunday mornings at. 11:00, and by drop-in. 

In addition to training and driving it included all participants a membership on our court, and a racing license.
Access to the respective go-carts and equipment during the course dates.

  • Children / adolescents 7-14 years (at least 135 cm long)
  • 3 heats per course
  • Access to the instructor throughout the course
  • Go-Kart and equipment included
  • Become a faster and safer drivers

Price 550kr per course.

Please note that registration and payment is made on the spot.

Do you have other questions? Call us at +4631-15 15:18.

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