Open Grand Prix

Gokart competition open for all over age 15.

Check in at 18.00 - drivers briefing at 18.15 - race starts 18.30


15 years of age + you must have set a laptime below 39 sec (speedkart limit)

Minimal weight of the driver is limited. If you do not reach the limit, you can add up to 27 kgs of extra weight in the kart. Men - 90 kgs, Women - 85 kgs. The winner of each competition gets a rised weight limit of 3 kgs in the coming competition.

Race format

2 qualification heats of 6 minutes each - the best laptime counts. The finals are then sorted from the times in the qualifying. The fastest drivers in A-final, next part of drivers in B-final and so on. All drivers will have a spot in the final.
A-final 22 laps, B-final 21 laps, C-final 20 laps and so on.

In the final you need to make a joker lap 2 times. Not on the first lap, not 2 times on the same lap, and latest with 3 laps remaining.


495 kr / participant (per race)

Max. 32 participants each race

Races 2019

5 races
your 4 best results are counted.

11 June
2 July
6 August
3 September
1 October


Results 2019

Help us to get this fun event out 😀



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