Pool is the perfect game for all groups, most know how it works, and everyone can learn how it works!
Besides the classical 8-ball, there are plenty of different games for those who would like some variation.

Price 50 SEK/ 30min



8-ball is probably the mosy common way to play pool. When playing 8-ball you are usually two parts playing against each other. The game starts with a break shot, and then the player continues with shooting down the balls of their team, solids or stripes. The one who first suceed with making all of their balls gets to continue with trying to make the 8-ball in a predetermined pocket to win the game.

8-ball can also be played in teams of 2 or 3 players. If so, the players just take turns at shooting.


9-ball is a trickier game. In 9-ball, only the balls 1-9 are used. The game starts with a break shot, and then the players take turns.
When one player misses, the turn passes to the next player. In 9-bal, you can only shoot at the ball with lowest number on the table, however, you don't have to make them into a pocket in that order. The winner is the one who suceeds to make the 9-ball.

Variation: 9-ball can also be played with scores. When you do, the 5 are worth one point, and the 9 two points. First to 21 wins. If you mange to make to 5 or 9 when it's not the lowest numbered ball on the table, you count the score and then pick up the ball and put it on the white mark on the table. The game continues. You play as many games as it takes for one of the players to score 21 points.

When playing with score, you can also distribute handicap,the player with least pool experience could start at for example, 10 points.


When three players tribello can be a fun way of playing. You decide before the start of the game who has the ball, and with the division 1-5, 6-10 and 11-15. In tribello starts with blasting, then even the task of lowering opponents' balls. If a player loses all of their balls, you are out of the game. Would anyone then accidentally put the white ball, a player who busted allowed to raise one of his balls, and continue the game. Those who left at the end wins the game.

Our table

We have a full size competition table that stands in our lounge, and even a little smaller table upstairs. The table in the lounge is brand new and has a slate, which means that the table does not soften and creates roughness with age, unlike wood boards that are a living material.

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