Shuffleboard is an easy and fun boardgame, that's similar to curling.
The teams have four stones each, and take turns playing. They who are closest to
the edge of the table gets point in different scoring zones. First to 15 points win!

The game could be played one on one, or in teams of a maximum of four people.

Price 90kr / 30min


The Game

Anyone can play shuffleboard! Young or old, tall or short.
Unlike other games, there are few obvious advantages here to profit from to be a good player.
There is no need to be tall, strong, or have years of experience in strategy games.
That's why anyone could meet anyone here with same conditions.


The player/teams have four stones each, red or blue.

x The teams take turns playing, only one stone at a time.

x The table are divided into different scoring zones. A stone that's not in any of the scoring zones at the opposite side of the table are considered "dead" and are taken off the table.

If a stone is not completely within the line of a scoring zone, only the lower score counts.

The team that's closest to the edge of the table get points for all their stones that's in front of their opponents.

x When all stones are played the points are counted, and then a new round is started.

The team that won the last round starts playing in the next round.

First to 15 points win!


The tables

Here at Gokartcentralen we have two tables in the sam size that's used in competitions, 7 meters.
Each table have an electronic counter that makes it easier to keep scores during the game, and we also maintain
both tables with silicon spray to keep the smooth surface for the stones to slide easy. The tables are about 80cm of height,
which makes it easy for the smaller ones to join the game without a struggle. 

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