Customer Comments

"Clearly the best pressure and feel of any indoor track I hit '-carpenter

"Best rent go-carts so far"- Lennie Sandberg

"Elkarten is cruelly funny, very surprised!"- Martin Koskinen

"I always get sick of driving a kart. Now I understand that it depends on the exhaust.

This was really fun "-Venus Amini

"Where maybe a little skeptical at first because there was electricity. But was pleasantly surprised, it was a wonderful experience. Went fast like crazy and sweaty it was. 3-year-old had also run a mini-car outside the area so he was also happy! "-Paul, Malmo

"Cruel carts even though there is electricity. Be skeptical before I had tested. Much better than petrol"- John

"This is the funniest thing I've done so far"- Sebastian 8 years

"Was pleasantly surprised by what move it is in the kart. Better move from" 0 "than in bensinkarts"- cops, Malmo

"Awesome ride quality, thought there was cruelly with the feature of electric cars"- Kristian Y

"Easily among the best ACCET I have felt the current go-kart. Really nice driving"- Elias Y

"I got addicted the first time I tried the electric carts, luckily for me i am now a member and get discounts on the price"- Georgios Karassas

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