Frequently Asked Questions

Who can race?

Anyone from children over 135 cm tall who are escorted by a guardian to pensioners. In fact, we have no age restrictions. We just need you to be fit enough and agree to follow the rules to drive.

Can I bring my own equipment?

You may bring your own helmet if it meets the criteria below. You may also bring your own driving suit. Otherwise a helmet will be provided for you at no additional cost. You may not bring your own kart.

Can I rent the entire track?

The entire track can be rented for any occasion. Please refer to the events section of our website for details!

Are there any weight restrictions?

We don't have any weight limitations.

Is there training before driving?

If you are a new member you will be required to watch a 3-minute safety video that explains how to operate the karts and the rules of the track. You can click here to watch this safety film before your visit to us.

Is it safe?

There are many safety measures taken to make this a safe experience. A protective barrier to prevent the wheels from touching surrounds the karts. There is a 4-point racing harness on each kart. The barrier system on the track is made of shock absorbent tyres. There is an electronic shut off system on every kart that can slow down or stop any and all karts at any time. There is a track marshal located at the track side to ensure drivers are obeying the rules presented to them in the safety video. Each driver is required to wear a helmet. Karts have built in head support for additional safety.

Can we bring in any outside food?

You can not bring in any outside food. Catering is available through our events coordinator. For more details please refer to the events section for details. We also have a trackside café with food, snacks and drinks.

Is there a viewing area for people who are not racing?

Anyone who is not racing is welcome to spectate through the large viewing windows and watch track times on our monitors in our lounge.

Do you have two seater karts?

Yes we've got 2 of them.

What is your privacy policy?

We guarantee that all personal information is kept confidential and will not be passed to any third parties. All of the information we require drivers to provide during the registration process is used only for insurance and liability purposes. If you enter your email address during registration we will send you our monthly newsletter. We dislike spam as much as you do so, if at any time you would like to stop receiving our mailings just let us know and we will happily remove you from our lists.

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