Safety Briefing - All participants are required to review the safety instructions prior to driving.

Personal Items - such as wallets, cell phones, keys, coins, tools, scarfes and bags are prohibited in the track area.
Cameras may be carried by photographers who are not driving in the heat (see photography). Prohibited items should be stored in lockers that are availlable in the locker rooms or with guardians. To use the lockers you need a ten swedish coin that you get back when you unluck it.

Before the race - Always have your seatbelt on while sitting in the gokart. Make sure that our helmet is fitting good and the harnest is tigntend. Long hair should be tucked in under clothes and no scarfes are allowed when driving.The knees should be bent when driving the kart to prevent injury of the knees if accidently crashing with the kart.    

During the race - If you are novice, take it easy the first laps. So you no have the track goes and the gokart behave.
Its prohibited to get out of the gokart on the track. If you need to go reverse use the butten as shown on the instruction video. 


Trackside - Only tickeded drivers are allowed in the track area with exeption of children who may be escorted by their parents or guardians. The only exception to this is for photographers.


Track marshals - The track marshals carry out track operations only. All instructions given by the track Marshal's must be adhered to. Flags and signs are used throughout the track to communicate with drivers.


The flags are as follows:


Blue - Signals that a faster driver is approaching from behind. The driver who recieves the blue flag should let the quicker driver make an overtake by yeilding to the appropriate side with a reduced speed. Once the faster driver have passed, the driver who recieved the flag may resume racing.


Black / White diagonal - 1st warning before the black flag is used to end your session for disqualified.


Black - The driver who recieves it should immediatly pull into the pit lane. Your session has been ended by the Marshal's decision.


Red - signals that the race has been stopped. All drivers must safetly stop their karts immedietly and wait for Marshal's instructions.


Yellow - The warning flag is signaled for situations with high risk of accidents. No overtaking is allowed when the yellow flag is signaled, and all drivers must reduce their speed to prevent exposed danger.


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